“I’ve helped lots of people, just like you, get their lives on track for financial and relationship success.”
-Shellee Henson


Online and/or phone counseling is available. This is a great option if you don’t live near my office or if scheduling is an issue for you.

I use HIPPAA-compliant meeting websites for online sessions and confidentiality is strictly maintained.

How’s Your Emotional Relationship with Money?

1-stressed-worriedIndividuals, couples and partners, and others who are struggling to manage their money successfully come to Financial Therapy Associates of Dallas to identify and solve problems that are preventing them from achieving the financial success they dream of. Financial therapy is not just about the numbers, the calculations, the percentages… it’s also about the emotional relationship we each have with money and how it affects our financial decision-making.

What is Financial Therapy?

Individuals who struggle to managing their money and couples who are having difficulty managing their finances together effectively can benefit from Financial Therapy.

1-handsThe therapy often includes basic budgeting and goal planning, and we can consult with Certified Financial Planners when financial advice is needed, but our focus is, typically, to identify and modify emotions, early training about money, decision-making habits, lack of communication, and relationship issues that are interfering with achieving financial satisfaction.

For couples, achieving joint money management success often involves changing how the partners relate to each other, as well as how they each relate to money. Money can be symbolic of power, control, love, and success, and understanding what it means to each partner is crucial to success.

Many factors can affect the decisions we each make about income, spending, debts, and asset accumulation. Anyone who is unhappy with their financial situation or can’t figure out why they’re not achieving what they want to financially will find the guidance of Financial Therapy helpful in putting them on the path to the success they dream of.

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