Shellee Henson, MS, LMFT

As a Financial Therapist, I am passionate about helping people gain insight into what is holding them back from living the life they want to live. I guide couples with different money management styles to work toward a healthier, stronger relationships, in which they are better able to manage their finances for short and long-term success.

1-billsPeople often come to me when they feel blocked, stuck or challenged around their relationships with money. I work with them to get insight into their emotions and unconscious behaviors and attitudes toward money, which can lead them toward living a more abundant life.

After experiencing counseling myself, I felt called to therapy as a career, as it proved to be a transformative experience for my own life. My diverse life experiences, both personal and professional, provide me with important perspective and understanding of my clients’ life challenges.

As a lifelong business owner and manager, I have done everything from running the business end of my family’s auto repair shop, to CEO of Mom Inc., to buying my own business, and my experiences as business owner and entrepreneur enrich my therapy skills and enhance my ability to help my clients. I hold a Master of Science degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the University of North Texas.

Born and raised in Texas, my personal interests focus on conserving the natural world, beginning at home with organic gardening. I also enjoy art and design projects. I am a proud mother of two, with both children having launched successful careers in conservation.

I often speak at events and offer continuing education classes and workshops for couples and individuals working on financial and relationship issues, as well as couples entering retirement.

Clinical supervision by Ken Bateman, EdD.