Life Jackets

As summer gets underway, I remember all of the fun times I’ve had swimming, water skiing, and boating. Each summer, however, there are news reports of drownings in the area lakes. It’s such a tragedy, because those unfortunate victims would have gone home safely if they had been wearing a life jacket before jumping out of the boat or climbing onto the jet ski.

Many of them knew how to swim and thought a life jacket was unnecessary. Some of them even went down while a friend was trying to help them. I’m told that drowning is more about panic than about lack of swimming skill, and panic can overcome logical thought, preventing victims from saving themselves because they forget how to swim, how to tell which way is up, or even how to stand up when they’re in shallow water.

You never start your day expecting disaster to strike, especially if you’re doing something you know how to do, but thinking ahead can prevent an unexpected development from growing into a catastrophe. Whether swimming, managing your money, maintaining your relationship, or navigating your career, you can prevent panic from complicating bad situations by wearing a life jacket just for that situation. See the illustration, below:

A life jacket can’t save you if you’re not wearing it. So put on all of your life jackets by making plans that will protect you from making poor choices and bad decisions, and always follow the plan to prevent panic from taking control and bringing you down when the unexpected happens. It’s the only way to make sure you can stay afloat when your boat – real or proverbial – starts to sink.

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